Ajuda Tradução gráfico!!

Boa tarde a todas!

Estou com um problema num gráfico em inglês, não consigo compreender :( Alguém me pode ajudar??

Ch 21.

R1: *Dc, ch1, dc* in fifth ch from hook. *Ch1, sk1. Dc, ch 1, dc in next stitch* till the end (repeat 8 times). (Result is 9 sets of double crochet ‘V’s.) Ch 3 and turn.

R2: In first ch1 space between the double crochet V’s, dc 4 times. *Sl st in next ch1 space between the double crochet v’s. Dc 5 times* till the end (repeat 9 times). Sl st in last stitch in row. Fasten off and leave long end for sewing. With long end on the right side, roll the flower inwards (clockwise motion), placing the petals how you would like. Use yarn needle to sew the long end through the layers of the flower to fasten them in place. Attach the flower to the side of the bunny’s head.


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